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Ken Casler

Bountiful Adventures / Cascadia Permaculture Center The Vision is evolving the Possibilities are limitless What we have Twenty-five acres in North Idaho, bordered on two sides by forest service land. A year round creek (enough flow for hydro electric) many springs and one small pond. Almost 2 miles of trails on the property, these trails connect to many miles of mountain trails. Scotchman Peaks Wilderness and Antelope Lake near by. Garden Kitchen and bunkhouse under construction, a camp with primitive toilets near the garden. 10 of the 25 acres is in recovery from previous owner’s abuse. Lodging for a caretaker. And a seasonal rental also utilized by family. Where we might go Yes the vision is evolving. We are seeking participants with skills and resources to see this land thrive and become self-sufficient. There are many avenues towards that goal, Workshop venue, spiritual retreat location, permaculture school and farm, wilderness school or a primitive skills demonstration school. We have reached a crossroad, the infrastructure is set and now we need to take focus on one or more of the ideas listed above and move forward. Long term lease possible or short term rental to a facilitator or entrepreneur. Moving forward with an all inclusive sustainable vision