51 years
My interests: 

Background and visions

Looking forward

I would like to live in: 
Any sustainable settlement
Small rural community
Traditional village project
A project to life: 
I would like to start a new project as a group.
Regions which interest me: 
South-East Europe
I'm willing to leave my actual life in: 
November, 2026


I'm happy to be contacted by other users.
Looking for theese experiences: 
work camp
I would like to collaborate in: 
Ecovillage support project


Family situation: 
I'm going to take with me: 
child, below 3 years
my partner

Professional situation

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My actual economy: 
I have difficulties to make a living
New life economy: 
I have no idea how I'm going to make my living
I enjoy a relatively high lifestyle and aim to keep it.

My projects

User is not a member of any group.


Communal living: 
Living in nature: 
IT work: 

EKO-kamp Majevica

NGO "EKO-Leonardo" is strategically focused on development of youth and ecotourism, biodiversity protection by youth activism and creativity of young people through sustainable solutions for benefit of the local communities in which we operate. BiH / RS and the area of Majevica as well, have very attractive conditions of preserved nature for development of rural tourism. First of all, there are particularly favorable conditions of preserved nature, mild climate, clean air, unpolluted sources and streams, river and Lake Janja Snije┼żnica, riches in flora and fauna as well as riches of cultural and historical heritage. Studies encourage: Demand for new destinations in Southeast Europe will continue to grow! With ideas and strategic action, our organization is working on building youth eco-camp Majevica, in the municipality of Lopare, local community Priboj, village Dzemat on the shore of the lake and the slopes of mount Majevica, on its own land/property in an area of 1.35 hectares. Project vision; We are organized and united around a common vision of a better and healthier future, in which the environment will be respected and appreciated as a mother, but not exploited and destroyed. The members of our association, through their responsible work, contribute to the development of environmental awareness, conservation and enhancement of the environment in order of a sustainable development. Tourism mission; recreation of human body and soul, enjoying the benefits of nature by conservation of the environment, promotion of sustainable use of natural resources through inclusion of the local community for its own progress. Definition; the camp is an object on the regulated area where tourists can rent camping space and equipment (tents, caravans with support facilities, etc.). This camp is being in the rural area and it opens channels for the development of rural tourism in that way. In short, what are the camps? By their method and content, the camps are specific environment for work and learning of children and young people. Project title: "ECO camp Majevica-viable tourist destination." General objective of the project is to generate creativity in designing of content ECO Camp Majevica, to implement successful ideas and to strengthen human resources in the field of youth and ecotourism.