Erik vL

Background and visions

Looking forward

I would like to live in: 
Any sustainable settlement
Small rural community
Big scale ecovillage
Traditional village project
Urban eco-quarter
A project to life: 
I would like to start a new project as a group.
Searching for an existing project for myself.
Regions which interest me: 
Iberian Peninsula
I'm willing to leave my actual life in: 
February, 2017

Professional situation

Designer, educator / trainer, facilitator, ecosystem restorationist
Actual work situation: 


My actual economy: 
I have an insecure income
New life economy: 
I have a coherent economic concept for a communal project
I'm happy to life in a simple situation without using a lot of money.
If there isn't so much money available I can adapt.
I like to do things properly by investing in good materials, good tools.

My projects

User is not a member of any group.


Communal living: 
Living in nature: 
teach me
teach me
IT work: 
teach me


Looking to join an ecovillage, and open to location. I'm very interested in Catalunya (where I currently live), as well as other Mediterranean and Iberian areas, but also DK, NL, BE or DE. I would also consider places beyond Europe. The geographic location is less important than the type of community and its spirit. I am intrigued by the possibility of working with a community which has a "foot" planted in two locations, one north and one south, as a way to establish an energetic circuit based on bi-location polarity (ask me about this if you are curious). For instance, I've noted a few projects with contact addresses in Germany or Denmark, but sites in PT and ES. What's happening there? Northern folks fleeing to the south? Or an intention to maintain and develop this sort of interchange and polarity between regions? I can see many benefits in such a configuration. But this is just one type of intriguing possibility, and I am quite open to explore others. I am more interested in joining a community which has the intention and practice of interfacing with the surrounding world than I am in communities which seek to isolate themselves from it. My skill set includes "deep design" which includes process and project design, design of strategies and communications, narrative and storytelling, and the application of permacultural thinking and practices. My formal training is a mix of art, botany / biology, ecology, landscape scale design, ecological restoration and design psychology. I carry a massive amount of knowledge about plants, their uses and habitats. I've practiced this mix for more than 30 years now, and in several distinct geographies and cultures. Wherever I live I create a botanical garden (seriously). I'm also very experienced in creating education projects and centers, both informal and formal education (from primary school to adult learners) and curriculum development, learning journeys, capacity building and community economic development. I teach and offer services in team building, and this can scale from small projects to organizations and occasionally, world movements. I also do grant writing and consult on building membership strategies. My focus is transformation: personal, group and beyond. I'm not sure about "world changing" as an aspiration, but I've certainly experienced it as a result of my work. In the state of the world today, I believe we all have a vital role to play in this time and in our lives, to participate in the shift towards the emerging paradigm which seeks to restore and regenerate individuals, our society and the natural world. So I work with this in mind and I focus my activities accordingly. I have been working to develop a prototype for a learning center based on healing participants through the practice of healing the Earth. The model is quite evolved at this point, and now seeks a place to land (in the literal sense of rooting and earthing). Think of it as a School for Changemakers which spans the range of "soft skills" like spiritual growth, 21st century shamanism, applied quantum energetics and storytelling to the more hands-on practices of project design and eco technologies and eco innovation. Like anyone, there is more to who I am and what I do than my profile. But it's a starting point, and if you want to know more, just ask.