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La Magione

Hello, We are creating a new project, which is meant not only to create a community, but a new way to LIVE AND WORK. We are base in Italy, in beautiful Marche region, near to both mountains and sea. We are probably the first example of such a project in our country. We are committed to create jobs, based on producing organic food and preserves. We also promote an eco-friendly living style. The project wants to create sustainable jobs and houses for people, so that it includes straw-bale houses and also 2 eco-factories, where we will process our organic food and also treat natural dyes. We will fund our project thru European financial helps and also contributions (sharehold). The project is open to everybody, either you want to work and live or just live in the Ecovillage. All of the houses and the factory will be fed through renewable energy. We have found the right place, the project is ready and follows the principles of sacred geometry. We are trying to collect enough people to start but everything else is ready. Business plan is ready and all the issues sorted out. Contact me [email protected]