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In the end maybe we failed. We've made so many mistakes, haven't transformed the world or lived this perfect example. But toward those failings, there are all the lessons because we've risked and tried to turn these ideas into reality. No one holds the answers or has the perfect solution. It gonna required a response from everyone because in the end all those challenges, failings, mistakes and tryouts are an essential part of the change. Feel that encouragement to make your own beautiful mistakes on the way to an alteration. --> Our fragile planet cannot tolerate a growing population of affluent consumers. Technology and "free markets" will not save us. We cannot wait for governments to lead the way. We must build a new world ourselves, within the shell of the old. Together we can spark a cultural conversation about these issues and creatively explore them in our own context. "To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -Buckminster Fuller-