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John and Luca

Mama Duniani city is a European Eco-city in development. At Mama Duniani city we aim to develop successful entrepreneurship, sustainable living together in trust as a community and develop solutions for a better Earth. Our vision is one of a community of progress and transparency, as there cannot be one without the other, in communication with other communities around the world, so as to communicate findings and be able to learn from each other's mishaps and successes, effectively making it clear that rather than working in parallel with communities in the rest of the world, Mama Duniani would want to encourage communication and co-operation with them. As for vision regarding scale and timeline, we believe the ideal maximal population would be about 2500-3000 in an area of about 2700 acres/1100 Hectare. The next two years or so would be taken to gather funds and resources(not to mention people)and find a plot of land to begin building, hopefully by late 2018.