Background and visions

Looking forward

I would like to live in: 
Any sustainable settlement
Small rural community
Big scale ecovillage
Traditional village project
Urban eco-quarter
A project to life: 
I would like to start a new project as a group.
Searching for an existing project for myself.
Regions which interest me: 
I'm willing to leave my actual life in: 
May, 2015


I'm happy to be contacted by other users.
I'm interested to be integrated into a 'start-up aid' program.
Looking for theese experiences: 
voluntary work
holiday situation in eco setting
being involved periodically in a project as a "second life" while continuing my regular "first life"
I would like to collaborate in: 
Any likeminded organisation
Ecovillage support project
Transition project
Communal neighbourhood garden
Organic food cooperative


Family situation: 

Professional situation



My actual economy: 
I have an insecure income
New life economy: 
I have no idea how I'm going to make my living
I aim to live without money.
I'm happy to life in a simple situation without using a lot of money.
If there isn't so much money available I can adapt.

My projects


Communal living: 
teach me
teach me
Living in nature: 
teach me
teach me
teach me
teach me
IT work: 
teach me

My resources


Federico Jose Luis Sanchez

Hi to everyone! I'm a History student, Buddhist and Wushu/Taichi Practicant. Born on 1988. It's been a while since I'm interested in joining (and/or eventually maybe forming) a community based around harmony, spirituality, reciprocity with nature, self-sustentability, and a simple life... I love chatting, practicing Taichi, watching movies, and hang around with people, I'm not really resourcefull in most of the topics concerned Eco-villages...but I'm a quick learner :) "Hola a todos! soy un estudiante de historia, Budista y practicante de Wushu/Taichi. Naci en 1988. Hace ya un tiempo estoy interesado en unirme (y/o eventualmente quizas crear) una comunidad basada en la armonia, la espiritualidad, la reciprocidad con la Naturaleza, La auto-sustentabilidad, y una vida mas simple... Me gusta conversar, practicar Taichi, mirar peliculas, y andar con gente agradable, no soy muy versado en los temas que conciernen a las Aldeas Ecologicas y su funcionamiento...Pero aprendo rapido" :)


Erigiendo Dipam

Consideraciones sobre el lugar y una edificacion central


* Water: The first priority is to find a terrain near a freshwater cause ​(a river, stream, ect) or otherwise a freshwater well (in Corrientes freshwater is easily achievable in Chaco presents more difficulty, but it's not insurmountable).

* Power lines: if there are any laying around, that will facilitate the construction of the eco-village, although Dipam aspires to be independent later on, the possibility of having a nearby power line network allows a faster start and an emergency plan in case of failure of the internal network.

Proyecto Dipam (Project Dipam)

sustainable Ecovillage

"Dipam" It's a word in the Pali language that can be translated as "Island", "Refuge" or even "Nirvana". I choose this name inspired by Aldous Huxley's "Island" of 1962. My favourite book and in my opinion an excelent guide towards an permacultural and peaceful ecovillage project.

An ecovillage oriented to create a peaceful an harmonious lifestyle within nature, using modern technologies, along some peaceful techniques (meditation, Taichi, etc) and comunity life. Using modern technologies oriented oriented towards self-sustentation but mantaining a basic confort level in life.