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My mission is: Enjoy what each day brings, be happy, learn, help and share! Trying to help make this world a better one, less capitalist/materialist and less unfair! Stay humble and keep the focus on understanding better the people I meet and the world we're living in About me French, 9 years old, single, living in Geneva working in a non-profit association for sustainable mobility in cities I love discussing with people of all horizons, enjoying moments of sport in the nature or cultural moments in alternative places or foreign countries. I like cooking and discovering worldwide food... . I enjoy the peace the nature brings in me. Interests People Nature Spirituality (yoga, meditation) Sports: cycling passionate and swimming World culture Cooking and eating :) Dancing: it has always been part of my life, I just love abandonning myself on the music! Sciences I am happy to teach anything I know: can be languages, cooking, knowledge about sustainable development or biology