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Dear Sir/Madam Ref: REQUEST FOR FUNDING WATER HARVESTING SCHEME IN THARAKA Umoja Sustainable Organic Farming Initiative is a project of Umoja East Africa Fund Kenya, an NGO registered on 6th August 2016. We are aiming to not only better the lives of farmers in Muranga and Tharaka counties but to give positive impulse for more awareness about water conservation and marketability of organic food. Global climate change, lack of rain and degradation of soil in the above areas has caused great harm to the small scale farmers who depended on farming and contributing to the current draught disaster that is being experience in the great part of the country. To avert this, Umoja Sofi plans to train farmers to practice smart agriculture methods such as water harvesting and water shedding which will not only benefit the farmers in increasing the farm produce but also help raise the water level and restore soil fertility thereby offering a permanent solution. We are inviting your organization to partner with us in this noble cause. We acknowledge the great work you have continued to do especially in helping the communities. And we would be glad to receive your support. We also recognize the fact that we both have great interest in helping solve water crisis. Your partnership with us would go a long way to realizing our vision, benefiting not only the targeted farmers and their families directly, but it will solve a much bigger goal: A model for the whole Kenya for a permanent solution for the current water crisis. Our water experts have the right knowledge and skills for the success of the implementation of this project, and will be working with other external experts especially Roland Frutig, a Swiss expert who runs water shed-projects in the North of India, and a trainer in Kanthari (