Vale das Lobas


Biodiversity, Health, Education

Vale das Lobas is a Rural Regeneration Project in the Beira Alta region of Portugal. The project began in 2009, with the goal of creating a multi-faith healing centre, and a beacon of peace where visitors could have inspirational experiences in Nature. We chose a location within an existing village with over one hundred residents, because we were committed to integration within the local community, and over the years, we have worked in close collaboration with local organisations, including the Municipality, the high school and local business. We formed an Association in 2012, with the mission statement of: Reconnecting Humanity with Nature, with the focus on ecological and economic regeneration.

Vale das Lobas means Valley of the She-Wolves. The last wolf was seen here in 1995. The name signifies the natural order of a clan group, where all are valued and cared for.The extermination of the wolf is emblematic of the problem that must be solved in our lifetimes. Although it seems an enormous task, if we approach it together, in unity, we can reverse the trend of the past few millennia, and set a course towards a healthy world for our children and grandchildren.

Vale das Lobas promotes integrative awareness, mindfulness, the transcendence the duality thinking that separates the mind from the heart, and World Peace – where war is no longer thinkable. We support the rights of all beings to be free and healthy, including our Earth Mother. We recognise divinity in Nature, and people of all faiths are welcome to our sanctuary. We are a membership organisation, and our members derive from all nations. To belong to Vale das Lobas is a homecoming; it is a reference point, where unity, love and hope are kept alive for all.